WPX Hosting Review: Fast TTFB With LiteSpeed And Great Support + TrustPilot Ratings (But Only 3 Locations In Chicago, London, Sydney)

Is WPX hosting really that fast?

I had the chance to try WPX and was definitely impressed not only by their TTFB, but their support, the fact they use LiteSpeed servers, overall feedback in Facebook Groups, and small things like their free site speed optimization included when you migrate your website to WPX.

Yes, I use affiliate links in this post. But I never use affiliate links to SiteGround, Hostinger, Bluehost/EIG brands, and other bad hosts with slow TTFBs. With all the insanity in the hosting industry (and corruption in Facebook Groups), I try to stay honest and appreciate your support.

Wpx hosting
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1. WPX Has A Fast TTFB

In Review Signal’s test, WPX had the fastest average response time of 82ms. Although the test also showed SiteGround and GoDaddy were decently fast even though GoDaddy is infamously slow and Backlinko’s PageSpeed Test found SiteGround’s TTFB is slow. Gotta love speed tests!

2021 wordpress hosting response times

I also performed my own performance test. I signed up for 16 different WordPress hosting plans and installed the exact same Astra Starter Site with the same 6 plugins. No cache plugins or CDNs were used (W3 Total Cache, Breeze, LiteSpeed Cache, WPX’s XDN, etc). I monitored each website in Pingdom for 1 week at 30 minute check intervals, which means 336 individual Pingdom tests were performed on each site. Here’s the Pingdom report showing the load times:

Wordpress hosting 2020 pingdom test
Test of 16 hosting plans with same Astra Starter Site, same 6 plugins, no cache plugin or CDN

I also used tools like KeyCDN’s performance test and the WP Hosting Performance Check plugin to measure TTFB across various global locations. Obviously, the closer the data center is to the testing location, the faster the TTFB. But you can get an idea of what WPX’s TTFB is like.

Wpx keycdn
WPX TTFB measured in KeyCDN’s performance test
Wpx server response time
WPX server response time measured in the WPHPC plugin


2. LiteSpeed Servers + LiteSpeed Cache + QUIC.cloud CDN

A huge benefit of WPX is they use LiteSpeed servers.

Wpx litespeed servers

They’re one of the newest, fastest types of servers which are growing quickly in Facebook Groups. They’re faster than traditional hosting and can handle 2 times the capacity of Apache.

This also means you can use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin with QUIC.cloud CDN. LiteSpeed Cache has a 4.8/5 star review on WordPress and is faster than WP Rocket because it uses server-level caching and HTTP/3. I’m not sure why WPX recommends W3 Total Cache when LiteSpeed Cache is faster. When you setup the LiteSpeed Cache settings, there’s an option to activate QUIC.cloud which is a CDN built to work on top of LiteSpeed and has over 70+ PoPs.

LiteSpeed Cache + QUIC.cloud is a fast setup and is completely free when you use LiteSpeed servers (which WPX uses). So there’s no need to purchase paid cache plugins or CDNs on WPX. Simply uninstall your current cache plugin/CDN, then replace it with LiteSpeed Cache + QUIC.

Litespeed cache plugin

WPX also offers their own custom built XDN for free, but I would personally use QUIC.cloud instead. You can try both and test your results since setting them up only takes a couple clicks.

Wpx cloud cdn


3. Facebook Group Feedback

I recommend joining Facebook Groups like WP Speed Matters to get unbiased feedback on a host. Many Facebook Groups are controlled by affiliates as well as SiteGround who moderates the WordPress Hosting, WordPress Speed Up, among other Facebook Groups. Only a few are actually legitimate but either way, I wanted to share some unbiased feedback I found on WPX.

Wpx reviews


4. Real Migration Results

I don’t care about speed tests – show me results!

I used Advanced Twitter Search and dug through several Facebook Groups to find people who migrated from another host to WPX and posted their performance results. Here’s what I found.

Siteground vs wpx speed results

Siteground vs wpx speed

Hostgator vs wpx hosting

Wpx gtmetrix report


5. WPX Only Has 3 Data Centers

A major con of WPX is they only have 3 data centers.

  • Chicago, IL (USA)
  • London (England)
  • Sydney (Australia)

Choosing a data center close to your visitors has a huge impact on TTFB (you can see this in KeyCDN’s performance test results). So unless your visitors are close to these locations, you may want to look elsewhere (yes, it’s that important). I’m not going to blindly tell you WPX is fast when it only makes sense to use in certain areas. Other hosts like Kinsta and Cloudways have way more data centers throughout the world, so it’s much easier to use a close location.


6. Support Is Instant (Usually 30 Seconds)

WPX has incredible support which is reflected in their 4.8/5 star TrustPilot rating.

You can reach someone in 30s through live chat, or open a support ticket. They have a fix for you guarantee that says if you run into a technical issue affecting normal operations of your site, they will fix it for free. Their Live Chat profile has a 98% satisfaction rate, 49,000+ ratings and a response time of 25s. You usually need to pay more for hosting if you want good support.

Wpx trustpilot rating

Wpx vs siteground trustpilot review


7. WPX’s Chicago Data Center Went Down For 5 Hours

WPX had a major outage for their Chicago data center in 2021, leaving thousands of customer websites (including their own) down for about 5 hours.

WPX posted a response on their blog explaining how multiple redundancies failed, even offering compensation for websites that went down. While it might seem “all is well that ends well,” their delayed response of the incident left many people complaining on Facebook/Twitter.


8. WPX’s Dashboard Is User-Friendly, But Oversimplified?

WPX uses their own custom dashboard.

It’s easy to use especially for basic things like email, backups, SSL, staging, and FTP. But some people think it’s oversimplified and lacks features. Beginners shouldn’t have any problem navigating the dashboard, but some advanced users may find they don’t have as much control.

Wpx hosting dashboard

WPX’s staging usually works fine, but there have been a few error reports in Facebook Groups. They only allow you to create one staging copy, in which case you would need to use something like the WP Staging plugin. It’s minor for most people, but I wanted to be transparent about this.

Wpx staging website


9. Free Migration In 24 Hours

WPX offers unlimited free migrations when you fill out their migration form.

Wpx migration request

Wpx website migration request


10. WPX Pricing (With Free Site Speed Optimization)

You can get 2 months free if you sign up for 1 year.

Each plan also comes with free site speed optimization for core web vitals. It’s unclear what they will do or how many hours they work on your website, but you can find more details on their blog. Either way, this is a bonus if you need help optimizing your site for core web vitals.

Most hosts make you sign up for 1-3 years with a cheap intro price, then it renews and gets about 2.5x more expensive. It’s nice WPX has flexible monthly pricing if you want to try them.

Wpx yearly pricing

WPX PlanWebsitesStorageBandwidthMonthlyYearly
BusinessUp to 510GB100GB$24.99/mo$20.83/mo
ProfessionalUp to 1520GB200GB$49.99/mo$41.58/mo
EliteUp to 3540GB"Unlimited"$99.00/mo$83.25/mo

To learn which plan is best for you, use their bandwidth calculator. Enter your website’s average page size, monthly visitors, and average page views. WPX will recommend the best plan for you.

Use WPX’s Bandwidth Calculator to find the right plan for you


101. Security Is Strong With Guaranteed Malware Removal

Read about WPX’s security here.

It’s great and they offer free malware removal if your site is hacked. But it shouldn’t be since they use DDoS protection, daily malware scans, application firewalls, spam protection, and WHOIS Privacy. I don’t know any host who guarantees security with free malware removal. QUIC.cloud CDN also has a few extra layers of security, so I recommend using that CDN too.


12. WPX is truly managed WordPress hosting

WPX clearly lists what they manage and what they don’t.

A few things they manage are: server uptime, CDN uptime, daily malware scans/removal, email, constant security monitoring, free migrations, and speed optimization recommendations (if you request them). Cloudways mostly provides server management while Kinsta is also more of a managed host like WPX. The term ‘managed hosting’ is thrown around too much in the industry.


13. All Supported Domains Include WHOIS Privacy

Domains from WPX aren’t as cheap as NameCheap, but they come with free WHOis Privacy. They have a promo code field where I would use the Honey Chrome Extension to save money.


14. WPX vs Cloudways + Cloudways

Cloudways and Kinsta are the main 2 hosts WPX is compared against, so I wanted to show feedback so you can make a decision. For what it’s worth, I’m still using Cloudways Vultr HF.

Wpx vs cloudways
WPX vs Cloudways
Kinsta vs wpx hosting
WPX vs Kinsta

Get hosting from WPX


About Tom Dupuis

Tom Dupuis writes WordPress speed and SEO tutorials out of his apartment in Denver, Colorado. In his spare time, he plays Rocket League and watches murder documentaries. Read his bio to learn 50 random and disturbing things about him.

6 thoughts on “WPX Hosting Review: Fast TTFB With LiteSpeed And Great Support + TrustPilot Ratings (But Only 3 Locations In Chicago, London, Sydney)

  1. Hi, we’re in the process of moving form WP Engine to WPX based on articles much like this one and trust pilot reviews etc. but I’m just not getting the same kind of vibe everyone else has. We’re a web dev agency and we have many WP sites to move across, but we’re still on the first migration after hitting a massive roadblock and getting absolutely no sense from support.

    The site setup at mydomain.com can’t send
    emails to any address @mydomain.com

    As first we figured mail() / sendmail was disabled,
    but it turns out it can email other domains just fine, including domains that
    routed to the exact same mail server and mailbox. e.g. [email protected] doesn’t
    work but [email protected] does work.

    So we’ve ruled out the receiving server.
    After a full afternoon speaking to support they kept referring us to guides on
    how to “configure outlook for WPX mailboxes” insisting our MX records
    were wrong.

    I ended up writing a php script that ran a
    series of mail and DNS tests and determined that their server did not use public
    DNS to lookup records for any domains configured on that server.

    So when the WPX server tries to email
    [email protected], it’s getting the local IP address and trying to deliver the
    email to a mailbox on the WPX server (which does not exist)

    So I explained this and was told I’d need to
    setup mailboxes for anyone that wanted to receive email (in some cases this
    could be an organisation with 1,000s of users/mailboxes)

    I tried to explain this made no sense and
    surely this is just a simple requirement for anyone running a wordpress site –
    how would you get a password reset email if your email address matched the
    domain of the website? Does everyone who uses WPX switch to their email service
    as well?

    All they have done is manually added some MX
    records to their internal DNS, but obviously this will stop working as soon as
    DNS changes and what a nightmare to maintain.

    Does anyone else use WPX and can you get
    simple notifications emails working?

    1. I haven’t used them for email but hopefully someone sees this and is able to respond. Otherwise you might want to repost this in a Facebook Group like WordPress Hosting or even Bloggers Passion as I’m pretty sure Anil was using them for email and had similar issues.

  2. Hi,

    I use Cloudways and WpxHosting. 

    With Wpxhosting, sometimes, the first request is not delivered with the cache but the ccs and the js, no problem.

    With Cloudways, the first request is delivered with the cache and therefore is faster.

    I contact them but they say me no problem. 

  3. Hi Tom, thanks for this review. My site has around 2K monthly traffic, so which one should i choose WPX or cloudways?

    1. I would personally do Cloudways DigitalOcean: $10/month (1 CPU + 1GB RAM) should be plenty for that traffic.

      It’s cheaper than WPX but you won’t get as good of support. If support is important and you don’t mind (usually very slightly) lower speeds, then WPX. WPX is more user-friendly than Cloudways, you just need to weigh out what’s important for you.

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